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Ray-Vac Mendor Sleve instructionsRay-Vac Mendor Sleve instructions
Roy McGowan 8/30/2013

There are three pieces to the kit The sleeve (Blue) Ferrule (yellow) and the C clip (White)
Need help in troubleshooting your problem
Roy McGowan 4/22/2010

Depending on you problem and the piece of equipment you are working on, you should always look at the installation manual. It has troubleshooting guidelines that take you step by step to many problems. Manuals are located on the menu bar so you can look at your particular equipment. We have also added a section to our web site called FAQ's, this section has a lot of great information on how your equipment works and troubleshooting ideas. Then you can ask the expert, well thats me. Email me your question and I will give you advice. We at Parts Depot are here to help you, just ask or give us a call, and again thank you for stopping by.
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Ray-Vac Mendor Sleve instructions
Replacing the mendor sleve

Need help in troubleshooting your problem
Many times parts are ordered and when they are installed, it didn't fix the problem. A few simple checks are always in order. But what is the things you need to check?

Our new web page has arrived
We have had many request to upgrade our web site; We listened and we are glad we did. I hope you like it.


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